Christianity and Islam

Rev Sam Norton lead a three part discussion, with the first part on Sunday 19th February, 2019 looking at the differences between the two faiths. The Learning Suppers are set in the context of a substantial talk with a meal of soup, bread, cheese and wine. All are very welcome to attend at West Mersea Church Hall at 6.30pm. We aim to finish by 8.30pm.


Different Departures - 19th February 

This will discuss the differences between Christianity and Islam, looking in particular at:

  • the nature of the Koran and how it differs from the Bible;
  • what is believed about Allah and free will, and the contrast with    Christian understandings;
  • the different characters of Muhammad and Jesus, and how those differences are understood by their followers;
  • what happened to Jesus on the cross, and what it means spiritually in each faith.

Different Journeys - 19th March

This will explore the consequences of the differences outlined in the first session, looking especially at:

  • the first three hundred years of each faith after the death of the founder;
  • the treatment of Christians in areas where Islam became dominant;
  • how to understand the Crusades;
  • the place of secular thinking and separation between church and state;
  • the understanding of minorities and the nature of scapegoating;
  • how Christians are called to respond when scapegoating takes place.


Different Destinations - 23rd April (St George's Day)

This will explore what it means to 'redeem the nation' with particular focus on England:

  • what is a 'nation' in Christian, Muslim and secular understandings?
  • what has been happening in terms of immigration in England?
  • what is the likely future if present trends continue?
  • what does the Bible say about immigration and related matters?
  • how are Christians called to behave in our present context?
  • the destiny of England.


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All are welcome to attend learning suppers at West Mersea Church Hall.

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