A quick look back to Christmas

It’s been a busy time for both Pianissimo, the church singing group and PP+ our church music worship group. Christmas was full of joy; there was so much music and sung worship culminating with carol singing outside the church for lights up, advent, nine lessons & carols, school services, children’s activity groups and finishing with services on Christmas Eve. Attendance was high bringing so many people into our church from the local community.

I would like to thank everyone involved in making music in the Church. We are lucky to have so much support from The Mersea Island Choir, Kathy Knight, visiting organists as well as Pianissimo and PP+.

What’s next?

With Christmas behind us we are working toward Easter and our big community fundraising project the Mersea Island Music Marathon (MIMM).

Easter is an important time in church and music plays a big part in helping to acknowledge the passage of time during the season. Planning has already started with Pianissimo hoping to sing more of Peter Banks Easter Passion. It’s fair to say that although the journey through Easter can be tough on the group it is well worth it. After Easter we will be introducing more sung liturgy into the 11am service singing extracts from John Pantry’s The Empty Space.


Community and Church Together

I am delighted to confirm that the music team here at St Peter and St Paul will be fully supporting the new church initiative – Community and Church Together

Music can help open the door for many that might find ‘church’ a little daunting.

The Mersea Island Music Marathon (MIMM)

We are planning to fill the church with non-stop music for 30 hours!

I am organising the Mersea Island Music Marathon to help bring community and church together to fundraise for local projects, charities and the church. It will take place on the 11th and 12th May in the church. Local musical talent can take denominations of half hour slots of time to perform music nonstop.

MIMM will end in the final hours with a ‘sing-a-long-a-Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’

Each group can raise money for their chosen cause and also donate money to help us purchase the new sound system for the church. The investment we make in the sound system will be of benefit to both church and community in the future. Our church is in the middle of the community – let’s work towards making it open to the community.

The new system will allow greater clarity of sound and vision for worship, weddings, funerals and a host of other activities such as concerts, film/slide shows, presentations etc.

If you know anyone or any group that might like to participate in MIMM, please get them to contact me 01206 386124 or email


Call for singers

Pianissimo, our church singing group, is always on the look out for more singers. You do not have to read music, just turn up on most Saturday mornings at 9.30 and sing your heart out. We have over 40 in the group but the door is always open for new singers.



On a personal note

My own personal journey here at the church continues to grow thanks to all the lovely people who make up our ‘church’. A good friend shared an important message at Christmas time:

“The building is beautiful, but the people are my church”

It is a blessing for me to help provide music for our church and for our community. Sunday services, weddings, funeral, thanksgiving services, memorials and each season all need music to match. Working at St Peter and St Pauls is one of the most rewarding things I have done.

I am also very lucky to have wonderful music support and teachings from the lovely Pat Kirby, Jamie Nightingale and Pete Banks. All, who help guide and nurture my church music journey.

Ian Jewitt

Music Co-ordinator