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Is a music group of local people of mixed ability – some read music, some don’t. All that is required is to enjoy singing and make a glorious sound.  At the moment the group is made up of just singers but we would, in time, like to bring in any instrumentalists as well.

Why is it called Pianissimo?

Pianissimo is the musical term for very softly.  In written music it is abbreviated to pp, which links nicely with the PP of St Peter and St Paul.  The fact that is also has Ian’s name in it is totally coincidental.

We don’t classify ourselves as the church choir, as we do not sing in church every week.  We simply meet every Saturday morning at 9am to rehearse music for up-and-coming services.  The music is varied from traditional hymns to contemporary arrangements.  Ian arranges some of the music for the group and we have been know to sing original pieces by local composers.  The sessions are fun and free to join!

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For more information please email us via the link to the right, or call Ian on 01206 386 124 or just turn up on a Saturday morning at 9am.

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Music Group


PP+ is a group of local musicians set up to support primarily the 9.30 family service.  Made up of harmony singers and musicians we work on more modern worship music with a contemporary feel.  The PP+ team meet alternates Thursday evening and share their music every Sunday at the 9.30 service.

If you would like more information about PP+ contact Ian via the link above.

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