Our Approach

Music Co-ordinator Ian Jewitt, who lives and works on Mersea Island, leads our music at St Peter and St Paul, West Mersea.

Notes from the Musical Co-ordinator

For many people, music provides a connection to understanding God’s teaching.  It enables us to interpret words in a personal way – a way that helps us understand. It supports worship and makes an important contribution to our services.

The music we offer here at St P&P is as diverse as our services. No one music style fits all. Our 9.30 service is a relaxed family service. Our 11.00 service is more traditional in liturgical structure. Ian works closely with the clergy and music leaders of the church, to bring music that complements each service and each special occasion. We know and acknowledge that music is as important to our community as it is to the church.

Music for your wedding, a loved one’s funeral, or special service, can make all the difference. Ian works closely with everyone that brings a special service into the church to make sure that it is personalised and of the highest quality we can provide. There is more to offer than just the organ and CDs!

If you have a wedding, funeral, blessing, renewal of vows, baptism or any other service coming up at St Peter and St Paul, please do give Ian a call on 01206 386 124 to have a chat about music for your service. It is important for us, as your church, to provide you with the service you and your loved ones deserve.


Come and join in - Pianissimo and PP+

Ian has developed two music groups to provide music for worship, reflection and celebration.   We are always happy to welcome new members of all ages and ability to join our music groups called Pianissimo, and PP+.  We have lots of fun preparing music for special services throughout the year and just enjoy singing together.

We welcome new members to our group which comprises both singers and musicians. We aim for a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary songs, bringing a fresh feel to services, special occasions and festivals.

Big Sing Events

St Peter & St Paul's at West Mersea will be hosting 'Big Sing' services throughout the Christian  calendar:


The 'Big Sing' services

We have the opportunity throughout the Christian year when the secular world will have lots of references to what is going on in church.   Christmas and Easter in particular.

These are important times when we can welcome new people to the church.  Music can provide a vital link, helping people connect with the work of the church; people who have some interest but who would otherwise not consider attending regular worship.

The 'Big Sing' format, as it suggests, is a good sing song, with time for prayer and teaching in the middle.  It is designed to appeal to people who are unfamiliar with the church but would enjoy and appreciate the combination of music and learning.

Come and join one of our 'Big Sing' services and add to the joyful sound of worship.





Dates for 2019

Easter 2019

Harvest 2019


Music and the Future

It is a very exciting time for musical worship in the church.  The Church is currently looking to develop the audio-visual capability of the church enabling us to offer the best quality music reproduction.  Keep an eye out for more information and fundraising activities throughout the year to help support this exciting development in our church.

Meet the team


Kathryn Knight

Kathy is our organist at East Mersea church

Ian Jewitt

Music Co-ordinator

Ian moved onto the Island in 2008 and quickly settled in making this his home for life.  His love for music and community spirit brought him to the church in 2016 where he initially took up the post of church organist.  Since his appointment he has taken on the position of Music Co-ordinator for St Peter and St Paul and now runs all musical activity for the church.  He works on the Island teaching and performing music and lives ‘up east’ with his two dogs.

Email Ian via the link above.

01206 386124


Anne Owen

Anne is the organist for both Little Wigborough and Great Wigborough churches


Bill Tamblyn

Bill is the lead musician in Peldon

Next Steps...

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