Receive a warm welcome at West Mersea

Our Story

There has been a site of Christian worship for 1500 years on Mersea, and the foundations for West Mersea church date from Saxon times, making it the oldest in the benefice. Our five churches include East Mersea, Peldon, Little Wigborough, Great Wigborough and West Mersea. We have been steadily building our church families in the Mersea benefice, growing our congregations, and meeting the varied needs of the community in worship.

Our Approach

A warm welcome and friendly smile is how we like to welcome regulars and visitors to our churches on Mersea and in the surrounding villages.

Our Rector

We are currently in a period of Vacancy and are seeking a new incumbent to take up the post of Rector for the Mersea benefice.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team serving the FreshSalt Parishes, where we endeavour to give a warm welcome to all comers in our churches, to our study days, at our social occasions and in our special celebratory services.


John Pantry

Associate Priest


Anne Owen

Lay Minister

We are currently awaiting a new incumbent to head up our friendly team for the FreshSalt parishes.


Heather King

Pastoral Assistant and Families Worker


Terry Walker



Stephen Rice

Lay Evangelist

Our newsletter - FreshSalt is here for you

At present we are seeking a new Editor to take up the important role of producing our benefice newsletter. As soon as we can we will restart publishing a regular newsletter, to keep our congregations informed about what is happening within our church communities, and the wider church. If you would like to keep up to date with what we are doing in the Mersea benefice, please sign up for our free newsletter.


A back catalogue of FreshSalt Newsletters is available below:

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